As a Texan we look at the world as Texas and Not Texas. All things related to Texas will go into the Texas section and everything else goes here in the Not Texas section.

We like to keep things simple here in Texas. Some things will be in both sections because it may not be Texas exclusive.

Our wall art is made with printed aluminum wrapped in a solid wood base.

Flying Pig Exclusive Wall Art - 20x7.3 inches
Who said pigs cant fly? Here is my flying pig would be a good match for a restaurant, BBQ stand,&nbs..
Motorcyle Vest Sons of Arthritis Wall Art - 14.5x9.5 inches
For all the broke down old bikers out there, here are your cuts to hang on the wall.This is made fro..
Pig Cuts of Pork Exclusive Wall Art - 18x11 inches
Pig cuts of pork. This is made from solid wood with a pocket carved into it and  printed alumin..
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