Texas Wall Decor

Everything i feel is Texas worthy goes into here.  In Texas we love a lots of things the state itself, the country it is apart of now, eating and grilling BBQ, guns of how we love our guns and too many others to list here. So this section will have a wide range of Texas themed and related wall decor.

It's not just for Texans, as lots of folks are looking for Texas themed wall decor, so this section is for everybody don't let the name fool you.

Features of our exclusive wall decor:

  • Printed Aluminum
  • Solid Wood Frame
  • Easy Hanging
  • Made in Texas

We use only real wood for our wall art frames with that comes all the imperfections that come with using real wood. The occasional knot and other character markings. While we try to miss the knots in out cutting of the shapes some do make it into our finished frames. This is what gives each one of our pieces an uniqueness.

Each wall decor frame is stained with a waterbourne distressed pecan stain to help with the aged look we are going for and then topcoated with a  waterbourne polyurethane for long lasting life and better on the environment then solvent based finishes.

Wood is carved, sanded and stained, also the aluminum is cut and printed in-house. Wood and aluminum are cut on specialized machinery and the aluminum is printed using a specialized printer.

100% USA made, from USA produced raw materials.

The bases are finished to give them an "aged" look.
2nd Amendment Pistol Exclusive Limited Edition Wall Art - 15.5x9.5 inches
Perfect way to show your support for the 2nd Amendment with this iconic cutout that resembles one of..
Flying Pig Exclusive Wall Art - 20x7.3 inches
Who said pigs can't fly? We have our own flying pig thats looking for a home as wall decor for some ..
Hog Cuts of Pork - Exclusive Limited Edition Wall Art - 18x11 inches
This is our version of the butcher cuts from a hog to turn it into yummy pork. This wall decor would..
Texas 1836 Bottle -Exclusive Limited Edition Licensed Wall Art - 16x5.5 inches
This is a Texas 1836 Bottle which was made to honor all those who sacrificed to form the Republic of..
Texas Bedtime Rhyme Pistol Limited Edition Wall Art - 15.5x9.5 inches
Here is a little Texas bedtime rhyme cut out to resemble an iconic pistol. This like all of our piec..
Texas Created Equal - Exclusive Limited Edition Wall Art - 11.3x10.7 inches
This is what some people say, I am Texan so i may be a tad biased. This like all of our pieces is li..
Texas Home Sweet Home - Exclusive Limited Edition Wall Art - 11.3x10.7 inches
Once you have lived here Texas will always be home. This like all of our pieces is limited editions ..
Texas Spartan Mask - Exclusive Limited Edition Wall Art - 11.8x7 inches
This is our Spartan Mask Texas version, . This like all of our pieces is limited editions and once g..
USA Pledge of Allegiance - Exclusive Limited Edition Wall Decor - 15.9x10.5 inches
Show your support for this country and the beliefs it was founded on with this USA Flag with the Ple..
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