We have sold-out of inventory and the ole shop is closed until 2020. Have a great holidays folks!

Howdy to all who are reading this. I am far from a blogger so bare with me. This is my site and i am Texan John, i was bred, born, raised and will likely die in the Great State of Texas. I can trace direct family linage all the way back to the early Republic of Texas days when my great-great-great grandpa used to hang out with Sam Houston. So to say i have roots here is an understatement. Enough about me for now. Just taking this kickin the tires on this blogging thing. I do have tons of opinions, some you wouldnt expect to come from a life-long Texan but i am going to try to keep most of them out of here. Hopefully i can post regularly.

I think we make some cool shit, hope a few others do also. So please take a minute and look around, you will not find wall decor like this anywhere else.  Oh and before i forget one question i get asked all the time is what does Balzdep mean? Well short answer it means "All In" which is what we all are in life be it business or pleasure.

Thats it for this days ramblings. 
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