Brand: Balzdep Signs
Product Code: Signs-BS-Stress-BHH
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This design is for those needing a way to relieve some stress . It can make a unique gift for ones self or another.

It is a JDM Designs exclusive, made from solid pine wood with a pocket milled into so that the printed aluminum sign is inlaid into it. The wood is painted with a transparent paint so that the grain of the wood still shows.

The printed aluminum measures 8x12 inches and the wood base measures 9x13 inches overall.

While the printed aluminum does have some UV protection built in, the base/frame is real wood. So while this can be placed outdoors (exposed to the elements) it’s lifespan will be drastically reduced without regular maintenance. So indoor applications are highly suggested as the best place for long term life of this product.

This is Texas made, Using USA produced materials.

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