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Limited Edition
Only 1000 max. of each design will ever be made
  • We do custom work at times. Have something in mind?
  • Printed Aluminum
  • Solid Wood Frame
  • Easy Hanging
  • Made in Texas

We use only real wood for our frames with that comes all the imperfections that come with using real wood. The occasional knot and other character markings. While we try to miss the knots in cutting out of the shapes some do make it into our finished frames. This is what gives each one of our pieces an uniqueness.

Each frame is stained with a distressed pecan stain to help with the aged look we are going for and then topcoated with a polyurethane for long lasting life. We use commercial grade professional waterbourne finishes that are better for the environment then solvent based finishes.

Wood is carved, sanded and stained, also the aluminum is cut and printed in-house. Wood and aluminum are cut on specialized machinery and the aluminum is printed using a specialized printer.

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We manufacture all our wall decor out of USA produced raw materials. Our aluminum comes from a factory out of Kentucky. Our 1x12 lumber comes out of sawmills in Texas and surrounding states. 

Everything is cut and printed in my Texas shop.

100% USA Made

For all the old broke-down bikers out there, riding takes a toll on the body we all know. So we bring you this iconic Sons of Arthritis Ibuprofen Chapter black leather biker vest wall art. Now you can hang up your own cuts on the wall as a trophy for all those years of hard riding. 

We offer two sizes for this wall decor

Small = 10.6x7.2 inches

Large = 14.5x9.5 inches

The " Sons of Arthritis " trademark is owned by Stan Dorak of Sons of Arthritis LLC