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This is part of the Fattys Collection of our exclusive mixed media line. This piece is in our Licensed Collection and is made for the Marine or member of the Marine's family

Our Fattys stand out as wall art and make a noticeable unique bump on the wall each of their own way, This is why we call them Fattys  because each is different and they all have a little extra junk in the trunk that sets them apart from the rest of the wall art and look good doing it.

Each piece is made from solid pine wood that is custom cut to shape and then pocketed to accept our custom cut aluminum that is printed via sublimation.

They are then finished with a translucent paint that shows subtle wood grains still or spray clear over naked wood.

This piece measure 6x16 inches and is about 3/4 inch thick.

USMC Hobby License # 19085

***Since we use real wood  there is a uniqueness to each piece due to the fact that no too pieces of wood are ever the same. Imperfections may be in some of the wood. ***

Made in USA

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